Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you had a wonderful time with your loved one, friends, or by yourself! 

Not a makeup related post. Sorry this is just another photo spam! =P

V-day: I spent Valentine's day with my sister and our college roommate since we were dateless today (the boys had work). We went to a Hong Kong Style cafe called Shooting Star Cafe and ate for 2 hours! I forgot to take pix of my food until we got to dessert. lol
Our ginormous crepe! 

The owner's kids kept bringing her flowers and balloons. It was super cute! Wish my future kids will do that. 

A ghetto card I made my boyfriend. I used random stuff I found around my house. hehe

 The boyfriend sent me some flowers! My dog was examining the box. lol 

 As I expected...dead flowers from Proflowers AGAIN! This is the third time! The first time was my birthday and then our 3 yr anniversary.  I'm officially done with receiving dead/dying flowers on happy days. Ruins my mood when I open the box to find something that looks like this. These flowers were supposed to come with chocolate too! Where's my chocolate Proflowers???? You big fat liar!

 My sister got me a cookie gram from an elementary school fundraiser. =)

My ex-roomate got me a small bouquet and the Nina Ricci phone charm below. Such a sweetheart. 

Another friend of mine gave me a V-day treat! Love her! She is the sweetest person ever. Thanks Angie!

Weekend in SF: Spent Saturday in Castro! If you're ever in that area, check out Lime. It's a super fun brunch place with bottomless mimosas, a DJ (good music!), and good looking waiters that aren't interested in girls lol. It was super fun! Everybody in there was basically extremely tipsy or drunk by noon. haha I loved the atmosphere! Everybody smiles at each other =) We walked around Castro and Valencia afterwards. 

Sorry for the massive photo spam! Have a great day =)

P.S: Target have lots of beauty items on clearance right now! Definitely check them out if you have a chance. I saw some Nicole by OPI nail polishes for $3 something!


lisa said...

omg your v-day card does not look ghetto at all.. i thought you bought it at like an expensive card shop like papyrus at first.. it's so super cute!!

ugh i'm so sorry about the flowers.. that super sucks.. :( but atleast it was very thoughtful of your boyfriend!!

ps. i love lime too.. they have yummy food and the place is so fun!

charlene-ann said...

Happy Valentine's love =) homemade cards are the best, so inexpensive and more thought put into it.


Mara said...

I went to Target and I didn't see anything I like but you're totally right, there is a good clearance selection.

I can't believe the BULLSHIT flowers you recieved for te 3rd time from Proflowers. That's totally uncalled for. You should call and complain.

BTW I happen to like your ghetto card. :)

Jo said...

Oh dear the flower company does sound bad. Not once, not twice but 3 times. Did you lodge a complaint? The owners’ kids sound really cute and what ghetto card? I don’t see any ghetto card. They look like those scrapbook handicraft style!

Fluffy said...

How flattering! I'm glad you guys like the card I made. hehe =P

My bf is complaining to the flower company and I tagged them in an angry tweet. lol Hope they will improve their quality cause I've read about others who've been in the same situation!

Skinny Love said...

OMG that crepe! xD can i ask what is the ice cream inside of it? because it's grey and i never saw any in that color O.O!
Monstros no Armário

Fluffy said...

@Skinny Love. It's actually sesame flavor hence the dark gray color. =)

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