Saturday, February 19, 2011

Short Nails & Mini Haul

I'm back to short nails! This is quite refreshing after rocking long nails for two months. Here's a quick mani I did. Not sure what to call it. Abstract colored tips? I dunno...Hope they don't look too weird. =] 

Base color: OPI "Privacy Please"
Purple: OPI "Done Out in Deco"
White: OPI "Alpine Snow"
Pink: Chinaglaze "IV"
Mint Green: Chinaglaze "Refreshmint"
Glitter: Color Club "Sex Symbol"

Shopping mini haul: I literally had 20 mins to shop. So sad when I have to rush shop, especially when there's tons of deals going on! I only managed to make it to Pacsun and Forever 21 on my short visit.

Pacsun is having a huge clearance sale right now. Additional 50% off sale prices with pretty cute stuff and awesome prices. I saw purses from $4.99 and boots from $9.99! I only went to Pacsun for the Black Poppy oxford shoes I've been wanting (they weren't on sale - $24.99), but I couldn't resist the sale and picked up a Billabong "bucket of love" purse (originally $56, bought for $9.99). It looks kinda ugly in the picture but it's pretty cute on and I'm planning to turn it into an SLR camera bag for travel purposes. It feels really nice =)  

I also picked up two pairs of earrings at Forever 21 for $1.50 each. 

Happy President's Day! Have a great 3 day weekend! Don't forget to stop by the mall cause there's tons of sales going on =) 


charlene-ann said...

ohhh love the nail design! i miss doing my nails with funky designs but recently they have been breaking =( anyways great buys you got. Love the shoes =)

lisa said...

ohhh love this nail design!! i really love the sparkle lines inbetween :)

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

I love the way you have done your nails, just gorgeous x

che said...

AHH! Your nails are adorable, I love the pastel colours, perfect for spring.

Cute Forever 21 earrings too, I ordered a bunch of earrings from them recently but still waiting for them :(

Fluffy said...

Your comments always make me happy. hehe =) Thanks everybody!

hevn said...

Nice haul and I love love love the nails!!

SandyMac312 said...

DANNGGG!!! totally am loving your nail art! =D howd u get the lines to be so perfect that the colors didnt blend into each other!?! cuz I have a hard time doing that. =/

Fluffy said...

Thank you thank you! =)

@SandyMac312 I just free-handed the lines. I did one color on all of nails first so it gave the color some time to dry before I applied another color. =)

Jennifer said...

I love this!!! Totally going to do this!!

S. said...

Cuuuute mani ! :)
Xx. S

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