Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas Mini Haul

I didn't go to the mall today since I'm kind of scarred from x-mas shopping. I probably don't want to step near a mall for a while lol. I went to Target for some x-mas stuff for next year and then Berkeley to shop around.  Here's my mini haul: 

@ Target: JK Jemma Kidd Holiday Palette $4.98 (originally $9.99)
The lighter shades are extremely sheer. Almost doesn't show up at all >.<
The holiday palettes by Pixi and NP are also $4.98.
I also picked up a bunch of x--mas wrapping paper and such. hehe 

@ Urban Outfitters: Leather Jacket for my boyfriend ($29.99, originally $128), Mesh cardi ($14.99, originally $58) & purse ($9.99, originally $38) for me =)

If you live by an Urban Outfitters you should definitely swing by and check them out. All the sale items are additional 50% off. They have some really nice things in their sale section too. I got there 5 minutes after the store opened and it was already crowded! I spotted BDG jeans for $9.99 & canvas shoes for $4.99! There were a lot of cute shoes actually. Too bad I couldn't find my sizes. 

They also had 75% off all xmas stuff. Got these slippers for $2.49! I know x-mas is over, but my feet are still cold. =P They're super comfy!

When I go shopping with my sister, we tend to get overly excited and forget to eat. lol Slapped together bibimbap when I got home. I am one happy camper today =)

Did you guys find any goodies today?

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