Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spotted: New nail products

Walgreens is so up to date with new releases nowadays. I spotted the Sally Hansen nail effects a few weeks ago and the new Wet n Wild fast dry nail polishes and eyeshadow trios today .

Sally Hansen:
Sally Hansen nail effects. They have some really cute designs! 

Wet n Wild:
 Sorry for the crappy phone pictures. These polishes are so gorgeous. I almost squealed. haha 
They have awesome/cheesy tv show inspired names, great colors, and a variety of super nice finishes (at least in the bottles). The 3rd and 4th ones on the top row are fine glitter polishes. They remind me of milani's holo polishes. I picked up Gray's Anatomy and Teal of Fortune. 
Party of Five & Gray's Anatomy
The new eyeshadow trio shades look really vibrant. 

I can't wait until Wag's has 50% off WnW! I'm gonna be all over their nail polish and eyeshadow. =P
I read on NouveauCheap that they're coming out with an 8-pan shadow palette. Too bad I didn't see it today.

Have you tried the SH's nail effects or any of WnW's new products? 

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