Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nail Polish!

Hope everybody had an awesome Christmas! =)
I think I'm starting to have self control when it comes to nail polish. I haven't bought much since November!  

Forever 21 light green & avocada, OPI DS magic & OPI ink
Look at the light green! It's really sheer and has gold flakes. This polish would be beautiful if the flakes were duochrome. 
Hot Topic: Glow in the dark pink glitter, "Birthday" (multi colored glitter), purple glitter, periwinkle
This is supposed to be quite similar to Deborah Lippman's "Bad Romance". I can't wait to try it! The set is currently on sale at Hot Topic for $0.98. Super cheap!
I tried to capture the different color glitters in "Birthday" but I failed. lol It's basically confetti-like, medium sized glitter. I'm surprised this polish actually has a name (according to the website that is). 
In the spotlight, Pink Confetti, Victoriana (Thanks for this one Angie!) 

I wasn't too excited about Pink Confetti but look! It's actually really beautiful over black. You can see the blue, gold, and silver glitters. Kind of galaxy like =) I like it!
One coat OPI black onyx + one coat Pink Confetti
Pretty cool right? haha

Have a great day =P


Mara said...

I love them all. Especially HotTopic's Birthday.

Mickey said...

I too love them all.
I have a big collection of nail polishes for a 16 year old.
That's the only thing that my mom lets me have too much of.
Love the Hot Topic Birthday and Confetti pink.

Silence is Loud said...

i just got the light green a few days ago too!! its love at first sight!! lol

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