Friday, August 20, 2010

Revlon Spring Collection Swatch

Super Lustrous Lipgloss $5.94 (@ Walmart)

Peach Petal is a nude peach color. It's a little too white for me and makes me look like I'm sick. =( I will be using this color under other glosses. Pink Pop is a super pretty hot pink color. My favorite out of the bunch. Lilac Pastelle is not a color that everyone can rock. The color is true to it's name. It would probably look good with some dark eye makeup.

Overall the Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses are nicely pigmented and are not sticky! There is a slight scent to them but nothing overwhelming. I will definitely be buying more Revlon lippies =)

Nail Enamel $3.88 (@ Walmart)

I was super excited about the nail polish. The color is a creamy pink-peach but more peachy in real life. Application wasn't tacky but it was definitely difficult. It has the typical problems that you would expect from a creamy pastel polish. The first layer looked streaky and gross. After the second coat there were bubbles! Thank god for Seche Vite top coat! The color is not popping to me. Makes me feel like my finger is an over-tanned blondie. =( I think it needs to be dressed up with some glitter or nail stickers. Bummer.

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