Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jeremy's Haul: 4 items for $4.79

Yes, you read correctly! I said 4 brand new items including 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of denim, and one top for $4.79 TOTAL plus tax! And to top it all off, the original total price would have been well over $300! Are you impressed yet? I'm quite proud of myself today. =D

Are you familiar with Jeremy's Department Store? If you're from the bay area then I really hope you are. There's one in Berkeley and a larger one in San Francisco. I would say it's really more like a boutique than a department store. They get out of season, sample, display, and overstocked items from designer brands and sell them at a fraction of the retail price. They carry men and women apparel, shoes, accessories, and even baby clothes. Starting today there is an additional 60% off all mark downs and it will go on until Friday. Check them out before all the good stuff is gone!

My haul:

Wood Wood Siv purple shorts. Original $145. Marked $5. Paid $2.00 after add'l 60% off. This is a small but it's surprisingly loose on my waist. It's quite nicely made and I love the color!

Johann Earl Safari shorts. Original $65. Marked $3.  Paid $1.20 after add'l 60% off. These are kind of funky.  I'm not quite sure what to wear with them yet. 

Fei cut out tank. Not sure about the original price, but it was sold at Anthropologie. Saw it on ebay for $30. Marked $2.00. $0.80 after add'l 60% off. I'm loving the cut out on the back. 

Loomstate white denim. Not sure about the original price but their denim runs around $158 a pair. Marked $1.00 and became $0.40. This is probably my best find of the day...or ever. Actually no, I once bought a skirt for $0.01 at Macys. =P

Just to warn you, it can be chaotic at Jeremy's...It kind of has a thrift store/boutique feel.  There's usually one of each item so you really have to flip through the racks to find goodies.  Some things are damaged and they are sold as is. Double-triple check your item before paying! 
Jeremy's is a hit or miss for me but today was totally a hit =)


Mara said...

Oh I wish I lived near a Jeremy's. What a steal its almost like getting it for free. I agree, I like the cutout on the tank top as well. :) Great picks.

Anna said...

@Mara: Thanks girl! Maybe you can visit Jeremy's next time you come to Cali again =)

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