Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Mani & Photo Spam!

Happy early Valentine's Day! Here's a quick V-day mani. Nothing special...kinda ugly =P. I already celebrated this past Saturday so I'm over V-day lol.
I used Chinaglaze "Something Sweet" and American Apparel "California Trooper". Everything else is acrylic paint and some studs I got from Daiso.

Photo Spam
My V-day Celebration: My bf has work on V-day so we celebrated early in San Francisco.
My not so very festive outfit. Kinda like a librarian. =P Black stockings & oversized mesh cardi from Urban Outfitters, button down shirt & high waist shorts from F21. Excuse the dirty mirror & room.

This year I told him I'd like to choose my own flowers so we went to farmers market. =) 
Got my favorite tulips & some delicious kettle corn too. 

Every time I cross the bay bridge I pray that there wouldn't be an earthquake. Eeek...

Had dinner at Boboquivari's. First off, valet parking in SF is pretty sweet. Lack of parking is one of the main reasons my family moved outta that city! On to the food. The first few bites of the filet mignon was good but after the forth bite I had an overdose of saltiness. The crab was too salty too. Nice ambiance though.

My crepe from Belly Good Cafe & Crepes in Japan town. It's supposed to be a bear bear. 
I picked up some nail art stickers, gems and Japanese nail magazines while I was at Japan town too =)

I don't really take pictures of people...

On a side note: The sky has been beautiful lately. I love how it looks right before the sun sets! Please excuse all the power lines. lol

Cupcakes: I baked cupcakes! Well... I just followed the instructions on the box. I'm more of a decorator than a baker. The cupcakes didn't taste that great. haha

That's all =) How are you spending Valentine's Day? Have a good one!


che said...

Aww your Vday mani is sweet and cute! Hope you had a fun date with your BF, looks like you did :) and cute cupcakes!

Mara said...

I love post like this. You need to do posts like this more often. Your NOTD is just too cute for words. I seriously need to get more creative when it comes to my nails. I'm craving for some sweets now that you posted all that food porn. :)

lisa said...

omg i LOVE your nails.. they are SO pretty.. you guys look like you had a wonderful v-day :)

i love browsing the japanese bookstore.. and looking at all the japanese girl magazines! your cupcakes are so adorable!

the hubs and i are going to la folie in nob hill for v-day dinner.

Silence is Loud said...

i love your v day mani!! so cute!

Fluffy said...

Thanks ladies! =) I had a wonderful time. hehe

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