Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks for tagging me Cindy Yang Lee! You're super gorgeous and I love your style =) I was flattered when I saw your comment. It took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do with this award. lol Sorry I'm a noob! 

The Rules: Thank the person that tagged you and link them, write 7 random facts about yourself, tag 15 of your most recent favorite bloggers. 

I will do my rounds and tag 15 bloggers! In the mean time...

7 Random Facts About Me: 

1. I am addicted to Korean dramas. Very very addicted. >.<

2. I don't like going to the zoo because it's depressing. Those poor animals always look so sad. 

3. I love to eat! Like Queen Latifah said "I ain't no salad eating girl." Wordddd.

4. I dislike cheese, ranch, milk, eggs...hmmm I don't like diary products.  

5. My blogging alias was either going to be "Muffin Top" or "Fluffy" cause I'm a skinny-fat. I have chicken legs, probably cause all the fat stops at my belly... yah...Not cute. (oh my name is Anna by the way. hehe)

6. I love tea parties! On my 22nd birthday I chose tea partying over bar hopping. =)

7. I am a trypophobe. I have a phobia of clusters of holes. =( So gross! Ughh even the thought of it gives me chills. I can't stand polka dot designs. lol

Thanks again for tagging me Cindy! 
Have a nice day gals!

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