Friday, January 7, 2011

CVS Clearance Haul & Tip

Hey girlies! I'm sure everybody heard about the CVS clearance sale right? Tons of makeup for 50% and 75% off! Nouveacheap has all the info here.

If you plan on getting Rimmel or L'oreal products, you can save even more with manufacturer coupons!
$2 off Rimmel product (you have to "like" them on Facebook to get this)
$3 off 2 L'Oreal products (click on link "Special Offers & Savings")

I don't think there's a limit to how many of the same coupon you use. I used two Rimmel coupons in one purchase. Just make sure you pick a nice cashier during checkout to be safe =).  The Rimmel coupon will work even if the item is less than $2. $2 will be taken off of the total purchase. Pretty awesome right? =)

My first haul was kinda sad:

No coupon for anything. I paid $6.84 after tax. 
By the way, the Revlon 3D mascara sucks! The formula is so dry and it didn't do much for my lashes either.  Save your money and get some Rimmel products instead. 

Here's my 2nd haul:

My total was $1.91 after coupons but unfortunately tax in my area is 9.75% and they added tax from the "before coupon" total. After tax I paid $2.88 which is still a great deal for 5 items!

Print a bunch of coupons and hurry to your CVS! Go go go!!! The clearance sale will last until they sell out. I wish you luck. hehe =)

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Ahleessa said...

Oh you got nice stuff from the CVS clearance sale! I only got Revlon lipstick in Mauve and Rimmel in Airy Fairy.

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