Friday, October 29, 2010

Steal of the Day!

Stila "All About You" - Warm Set
$13.97 @ Costco
Besides the cheap hot dogs, discounted beauty products have got to be my favorite from Costco!
This was the last one left at my local Costco and I am not surpised at all cause it's so amazingly cheap. You get a full size Lash visor mascara, It Girl trio shadow palette, #30 brush, and sample size smudge pot and one step makeup. 

The brush alone is $32 at Sephora and all I paid was $13.97! Awesomeeee.  This would make a great gift too! Gotta love Costco!!! Sometimes they even have Smashbox cosmetics and if you're really lucky, they have MAC shadows =]]

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Mara said...

Oh, what a DEAL! My mom has a membership with CostCo. I seriously need to stop by. Thanks for the tip. :)

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