Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro "Purple X-ing"

I couldn't resist "Purple X-ing" so I painted my nails instead of studying
This polish has a purple jelly base with silver glitter of various sizes. It's kind of holographic too.

I wasn't impressed by the formula, but I think it might be because I picked up an old bottle.
It was rather chunky and hard to control. However one coat was almost completely opaque. Two coats gave excellent coverage. As with most glitter polishes, the end product was bumpy! I used two coats of Seche Vite followed by one coat of Out the Door!
I still love the end product though!


miss D said...

It's gorgeous though!!!:) BTW how do I follow you? I don't see it anywhere on your blog ><''

Fluffy said...

Hi miss D!
I really love this polish but it's just soooooooo bumpy. =(
If you scroll all the way to the top of this page there should be a follow link on the left. =) <3 Have a good day!

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