Thursday, September 16, 2010

Polka dot tips

It's been a very very very long time since I did anything other than paint my nails one color (with the exception of gradient glitters now and then). Ever since I graduated in May, my nails have not been bare for a single day. Today I took my mani off right before class and left my nails nakey for 7 hours! I could not wait to get home and slap on some nail polish. lol I decided to try some designs (meaning 1+ hours of nail polishing) just to reward myself for studying hard this week. The end product: polka dot tips

I could definitely use some practice with the brush. lol Some of my polka dots aren't even circular and I had a tendency to over-dot. I think I'm taking this off tomorrow. haha
What I used:
All over nails= Chinaglaze "moonlight" (2 coats)
Tips= OPI "done out in deco" (one coat, freehand)
Polka dots= OPI "Alpine Snow"
Silver stripe = Stripe Rite
Top coat= Out the door

Oooo and I'm going nail polish shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow! Cannot wait =)

Thanks for looking! Have a great day =)

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Mom2LandS said...

nice mani. Loving the dots.

love, fayth

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