Friday, September 17, 2010

More nail polish!!! & OPI Drip Dry Review

This morning my girl and I sent our boyfriends off to the airport destined for Las Vegas. She had no work and I had no class so what better to do than nail polish shop? =D We were pretty bummed when we didn't see the new OPI Burlesque collection. The guy said he forgot to order it so we have to wait a month OR drive 45 mins to San Jose to another nail polish store!!! Sigh...We'll just wait. I wanted to boycott that collection since OPI was using their legal team against bloggers that posted stock photos early but I just can't resist =/ Anyways, here's the haul:

I've been looking all over for Essie's mint candy apple! Finally in my possession =)
I am in LOVEEEE with electric lilac. Can't wait to use it.
Love each other has purple micro glitter specks. I'm planning to use this over a dark color.
And since I love this color, here's another shot of electric lilac =)

I also picked up OPI drip dry since I'm running low. This is Aaaaaamazing!
My two cents:
Don't you hate being handicapped for up to an hour after you paint your nails?
Well here's a solution! I cannot imagine doing my nails without this drip dry. I don't really have time to sit there and wait for my nails to dry thoroughly and I am not careful enough to not smudge them. Put a few drops of this on and BAM!! my nails are good to go in about five minutes. I also like how it kinda moisturizes my cuticles. 2-3 drops will do but I think I overuse it. It should be enough for over 40 mani's.
My only con is that the bottle is a tad small (9mL, .3 Fl. Oz).
@ Sephora $14 (It's an OPI for sephora renamed "Name Colour Drying Drops")
@ Vietnamese nail supply stores ~$4 (just yelp it)
The verdict:
Amazing stuff and if you like to paint your own nails, YOU NEED THIS! A+ in my books =D

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Katrina said...

nice haul! i wanna see Love Each Other! ;) and China Glaze's Channelesque is supposed to be discontinued so yup...its definitely hard to find!

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