Monday, November 15, 2010

Eyelash Curler Showdown!

I'm picky about my eyelashes. Next to mascara, a good eyelash curler is absolutely important to me. 
This showdown will be between Japonesque Power Curl ($16.50), Japonesque Go Curl ($10.00), Shu Uemura ($19.00), E.L.F Mechanical Curler ($1) and LA Cross ($2.97). 

Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler 
This eyelash curler is made to fit Asian eyes. The design of the curler is slightly different from other ones. Notice how the hinge area is totally different from the typical curlers.   
Pro: Curls lashes nicely (no L shaped lashes), lashes stay curled for a long time, curls those hard to reach lashes,  free refill pad for the life of the curler! You can call them or just go on their website and fill out the "Eyelash Curler Replacement Pad Form." You don't even have to pay for shipping! 

Con: Pinches occassionally. 

Cost: $16.50 on and, $17.49 on (buy 1 get 1 50% off on Ulta)

Overall: I love it. It definitely delivers! I just wish it didn't pinch me =(. I think this is a little too wide for my eyes but hey free refill for life? I'll stick with this. I recommend this for ladies with wider eyes.
Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler
Super cute eyelash curler that's compact and great for girls on the go. I probably should have bought the black one cause mascara stains this cute little thing and makes it look dirty. The pad is white too. 
Pro: Cute design, long lasting curls, I can feel the my lashes touching my eyelids! (haha), comes with one refill pad, free refill pad for the life of the curler

Con: L shaped curls, hard to get all your lashes in one curl

Cost: $10.00 on,$11.00 on and
*Buy one get one 50% off at

Overall: I like the way it makes my lashes stand out. I can live with a little bit of L shaped lashes. I can feel the curling power with every press. I recommend this. 

Shu Uemura
Supposedly the best of the best out there. Well...Let's see...
Pro: Does a beautiful job of curling your eyelash without leaving a harsh look

Con: Doesn't make my lashes stand out. Doesn't give me the "Oomph!" I'm looking for.

Overall: Not really impressed. I don't understand the hype. Judging from the pictures, LA Cross and Shu gives pretty similar results. If you like natural looking curls then you would like this; otherwise go for the ELF. It's $18.00 cheaper and you get great definition for your lashes. 

E.L.F Mechanical Eyelash Curler
Rumor has it that this is comparable to the infamous Shu Uemura. For a buck, I had to see this for myself. The pad for this curler is more rounded and cushiony compared to the other ones. 
Pro: Long lasting curls (I curled it before bed, woke up and it was still curled!), I can feel my lashes touching my eyelid, cheap!, sturdy design, good lash coverage, comes with a refill pad

Con: L-shaped lashes, have to use more power to push because the curler is in an open position at all times

Cost: $1 on and at Target

Overall: I'm impressed! Don't kill me for saying this but I think it's better than the Shu. I found the effects very similar to Japonesque Go Curl. This is probably the best $1 eyelash curler you can get. I think you get the most bang for the buck with E.L.F. I definitely recommend this. 

La Cross
I've been using this one for the past 4 years. I'm not sure why I stuck with it. 
Pro: Curls really well the first couple of uses, comes with 3 refill pads, cheap

Con: Lashes don't stay curled for a long time, stops delivering after a couple of uses, doesn't get the inner lashes, droopy curls, the curler itself gets really flimsy

Cost: $2.97 at Walmart

Overall: I'm going to retire this eyelash curler from my stash. It was great while it lasted, but I think I found better. I don't recommend this. 

Based on quality and value my favorites are:
1st Place: Japonesque Power Curl
2nd Place: E.L.F Mechanical Eyelash Curler
3rd Place: Japonesque Go Curl

Phew! That was a long post. haha. So what do you guys think? 

Disclaimer: These eyelash curlers were all purchased by me. 


Mara said...

WOW, what a great review. I'm so amazed that you were so deicated and tried them all. I loved it. I have the Shu Umura and I love it but it is quite expensive. I also bought the ELF one and it pinches once in a while if I'm not careful, but for $1.....I can live with that. :) Thanks for an awesome post.

Fluffy said...

lol No prob! This post took me a long time. hehe I think eyelash and skincare is the same. Whether a product works totally depends on the person. =) Hope this post was helpful though =)Thanks for following too! Much appreciated <3

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Wow.. great review.. thanks for the information on curlers... :) nice blog n keep it up~ Visit mine too~~


nani said...

shuuemura or elf?any suggestion?URGENT!!!

Best Of Luck!!!
best eyelash curler

Fluffy said...

Hi!!! The ELF curler is only $1 so you have nothing to lose. I would suggest trying that one out first and if you don't like it, then order the Shu. Our lashes & eye shapes are different so I can't say that my favorite would be your favorite as well. Hope that helps. =) Good luck!

SadeeStyle said...

Aww you have so many eye curlers :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Exactly what I need to know! Saved many of us a lot of trial & error, and $$$ too!

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