Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nail Polish Haul

I was only trying to get Happy Go Lucky but.... I ended up with 8 polishes and a base coat. hehe
L-R: DS Sapphire, Absolutely Alice, Mesmerize, Covalt, Ruby Pumps, Shower Together, Happy Go Lucky, Grape Pop, Poshe base coat

Yes you are reading correctly. I found Absolutely Alice! I was freakin shocked!!!! I went to a really ghetto nail polish store for the first time and bam! I somehow knew to walk directly towards it! haha
 It has been inspected by my nail polish junkie friend and is real! Ahhh I was gonna squeal in the store! Now the hunt for Mad as a Hatter begins =D

I needa lay off the blues. hehe

My friend is so cute. Today she said "I wanna see if the OPI plant does tours. You know, like the Jelly Belly factory ones." haha I wish they did! 


Ling said...

Wow, such pretty colours. I had to take off my OPI cherry red nail polish today as I am working tomorrow but yeah, I love OPI too!

Jenni said...

OPI costs at least $8 here which is pretty expensive if I went and got alottt D:
how much did you get your pretty nail polishes for?

Fluffy said...

@Ling: OPI is amazing. It's like a drug! So addicting. hehe

@Jenni: Oh girl, I will not pay full price for OPI, chinaglaze, or essie ever again! LOL I buy my polishes from Vietnamese nail supply stores. They are so much cheaper (at least by 50%). I pay $3.75-4 OPI, $3 Essie, $2-3 Chinaglaze, and $1 Kleancolor. I just go on and search keywords like "cheap OPI". =) hope you find what my friend would like to call a "nail polish crack spot" by you. =)

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