Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Floral Lace Mani

This floral lace mani was inspired by a mani that Emerald Sparkled did =) 
She has a great nail blog so check her out!

Base colors: Urban Outfitters "Matte Green 7", Chinaglaze "IV"

Flower colors: Chinaglaze "IV", OPI "Alpine Snow" & "Jade is the New Black"

Stripes: OPI "Alpine Snow"
Lace: Eternal nail stickers 


Katrina said...

ooh! your flowers turned out REALLY cute!! love the mani ;D

Fluffy said...

Thank u thank u =)

mica said...

omg did u do the floral mani by urself? u did a really good job, looks so pretty =D

love, mica

Fluffy said...

Thanks mica! I did this by myself. lol It's much simpler than it looks.

Mom2LandS said...

This isto cute pls do a tutorial on it

Mom2LandS said...


Fluffy said...

Thanks Mom2LandS! I'll try to do a tutorial for you! =)

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