Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cosmetic Company Outlet Information

I know I said I will swatch the Burlesque polishes soon, but I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I already painted my nails to match my dress so the swatches will have to wait til Monday =/ Apologies!

On to my post...

Do you love M.A.C but hate the price they charge? I have a solution for you =)
I want to share with you the knowledge that every make-up junkie or aspiring make-up junkie should know about: "CCO"

What is CCO you might ask...
In short:
A store that sells M.A.C and other top of the line cosmetics at 30% off.

More details:
-It stands for Cosmetic Company Outlet. If you live by an outlet mall, search their directory for this store cause if you love M.A.C you needa go there!

-They carry brands that are owned by the Estee Lauder company such as M.A.C, Clinique, Prespective, Bobbi Brown, Origins, etc. I've even seen Bumble & Bumble shampoo there before

-This store does not sell the immediate new collections but may have them a month or two after the release.

-They don't carry everything that M.A.C makes. They basically sell whatever M.A.C gives them and that's probably products that are overstocked. They even have discontinued collections from a few years back so I'm not sure if they get old stuff that didn't sell at the M.A.C counters.

-Pricing for M.A.C (approximate):
Lipgloss: 10.00-10.25
Lipstick: 10.00
Dazzleglass/Superglass: 11.75
Eyeshadow: 10.25
Pigments: 13.75
Paintpots: 11.75
Fluidline: 10.25
Blush: 12.00-16.00 depending on collection/type
MSF: 19.00
Basically 30% off of retail price

-Box and receipt required for all exchanges/returns. They don't do cash refunds either.

-It's really a hit or miss depending if they get a good shipment so I suggest you go to and check out the "Recent CCO sightings" thread in the forum section for the most up to date selection information.

My CCO haul from today:
I stopped by the Vacaville CCO and they had some stuff from the Liberty of London collection. I was so surprised and felt compelled to pick up something. I only left with a lipgloss. I also spotted Eversun from the Style Warrior collection so I got that too.
Beauty powder blush in "Eversun" from Style Warrior Collection $12.75
Lipgloss in "Perennial High Style" from Give me Liberty of London Collection $10.25

I hope you find a CCO nearby and wish you happy shopping!
My warning to you: Your first visit to CCO may trigger an urge to buy everything in the store. Stay calm and breathe =D

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kauaigal said...

Lol, "stay come and breath" so cute and sooo true!How do you like the lipglass in perennial high style?

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