Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Nail Polish...Again (I need to go on a nail polish diet)

I have a spending problem =(
Right before bed last night I ordered some skincare stuff from b•liv skin. This morning I woke up, rolled over, turned on my laptop, did some online shopping, rolled back over and slept some more. Woke up, put my face on, went to the mall and bought clothes. Got home, called up a gf, went to American Apparel and bought more nail polish. Dropped her off at home, went to CVS, bought even more nail polish. Sigh... My nail polish addiction is getting expensive. I went nail polish shopping at least 5 times this past week. Boyfriend is going to be disappointed when he comes home from Vegas, but then again he did go cray cray in sin city and basically experienced The Hangover Part II with his boys. Anyways, it is time to go on a.....No-buy challenge! I will not purchase any nail polish or makeup for one month starting tomorrow! =| Wish me luck.

Nail polish damage from today:

American Apparel "Passport Blue" - This is a deep navy blue. It goes on so smooth and all you really need is one coat!
Confetti "Moonstruck" - One of those taupe-gray-purple-ish colors. Reminds me of Chinaglaze Channelesque but a deeper taupe. Supposed to be very similar to Sephora OPI Metro Chic but definitely much cheaper at $1.99. Pretty smooth formula.

American Apparel "California Trooper" - Cream color. Super smooth and opaque in one coat!
Milani "Garnet Gems" - Supposed to be really similar to Chinaglaze "Lubu Heels". It has red micro glitter and a black base. Takes 3-4 coats. Kind of watery.

Have a great week!

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