Monday, September 13, 2010

Roadtrip: From the Bay to LA

Hello lovely people!
I just got back from a weekend in SoCal and I am exhausted. My bf took his mom on a road trip for her birthday and I tagged along. We stayed at Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance and it was pretty nice for the price we paid! That will be my go to hotel next time I'm in SoCal. It had a freaking bidet! How cool is that? I'm totally sold! haha
My bf could not stop giggling when he was using it. LOL I'm definitely getting one of these when I buy a house!

The hotel was conveniently located right next to a Mitsuwa market so needless to say, I walked my butt over there and got some goods and some snacks =)
I just discovered ramune flavored caramel corn! It seriously tasted like the marble drinks! LOVE at first bite!!!!
xppinkxx raved about a Lucido hair product and Mandom makeup remover so those were must buys. I thought I was going to go crazy and buy the whole store but I was so lost trying to figure out what all those products were for. I gave up. They should put more English on the packaging =| I ended up getting a Lucido hair curl lotion, mandom eye makeup remover, and a toothbrush since i forgot mine. It has long bristles that brushes and flosses at the same time. Pretty cool =)
I will do a review of the makeup remover soon! Stay tune for that =)

We did the typical tourist stuff. Stopped by Hollywood walk of fame and LA fashion district. The fashion district is just a huge flea market type of place. I saw fake MAC all over the place. I said WTF pretty loud when I saw this. haha I had to snap a picture:
I didn't find anything but they do have A LOT of shoes for those shoe lovers out there. =)

Next we did all the Chinese-Vietnamese tourist stuff. We went to Little Saigon and Chinatown for my BF's mom's pleasure.
What I was super excited about were the nail and beauty supply stores in Garden Grove. I found two stores on yelp (Skylark and Beauty Zone) that sell their OPI and China Glaze polishes for $1 cheaper than the store I go to back home so I had high hopes to find all the np i ever wanted. I think I had my hopes a little too high because I was sadly disappointed. The selection at those stores just can't compare to my secret ghetto store. Although their OPI polishes were $4, China glaze $2, Essie $3, and CND for $3.25, I didn't really find what I was looking for. Here's what I ended up getting.

L-R: Chinaglaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, IV, Channelesque, OPI Suzi says feng shui, Out The Door top coat, pack of clear nail wheels, and a nail art brush set.
I have to say the Out the Door top coat was freaking cheap! $6 for that 73mL bottle??? That's crazy. I believe Sally sells it for $15ish? My 14mL Seche Vite was already $8 at CVS!

My friend and I established that we desperately needed nail wheels because swatching all of our np on our fingers before choosing a color just wasn't cutting it. I got the clear nail wheels and they came in a pack of 10 for $9. There's 20 nails on each wheel.
I picked up this nail art brush set from Beauty Zone for $6. Pretty good deal =)
My Suzi says feng shui bottle got chipped on the top left! Why? B/c the freaking cashier at Skylark man-handled it! Somebody on yelp said that they even broke her bottle once cuz they were so careless! Good thing mine didn't break.

On our way back to the bay area we saw this ghetto claw machine at a gas station.
There were $20 and $100 bills tied to some of the stuff animals! I shoulda given it a shot. haha

That's all. Toots everybody =)

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