Monday, September 27, 2010

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara Review

I love mascara! It's the most important part of my makeup routine and the first cosmetic product I have ever used.
The first time I used Eyeko Big Eyes mascara was in middle school. It was my first expensive mascara purchase and my first Sephora purchase. Yea...that long ago that Sephora still carried Eyeko products. I liked it a lot and when I was done with my tube they discountinued it! 8+ years later I am drawn to the super cute packaging once again. Since I had a free shipping and discount code for, I bought the mascara again. It didn't come in a box so I was a tad weirded out/ concerned but the tube was definitely new (or so I hope lol).

The wand: This mascara is probably not for beginners as it can be a bit tricky to apply. The brush has very spread out bristles and is narrow so you might have to layer a bit, but this also allows it to grab all the tiny corner lashes.
The formula: Has a slight scent to it, but nothing unbearable. Goes on smoothly. The tube says "With Vitamin B to promote lash growth." I'm all about promoting healthy lashes =)
Layering: If you want thicker looking lashes, make sure the coats in between layers don't dry or else you'll be combing out clumps for a while. I think two coats is good, but after 3+ coats there might be a lot of clumping.
Finish product: Gave my straight and sparse Asian lashes some life. This mascara is definitely good at lengthening. Holds curls pretty good. Although my lashes were darker, I wish it volumized some more.

1. Bare clean lashes. Curled with Japonesque Power Curl eyelash curler
2. One coat
3. Two coats + lightly applied to bottom lashes.

Price: Can be purchased from for $14. I got mine from for $10.80 with a discount code.

I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I feel like it will be a time consuming product to use since you have to be careful with the brush and make sure your lashes don't dry between coats. I do love the final results though. I think I will repurchase this mascara and use it when I am not in a rush. Overall I like this mascara. I'd give it a B+ =)

If you have lashes like mine, sparse and light, give this mascara a try.

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. The review is my opinion and based on my experience with the product.

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